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” Country House Là Gì, Nghĩa Của Từ Country House, Country House

a large traditional house in the countryside, especially one that has belonged to the same family for many years:

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Take her to a health-spa/hospital that they had in those days, or to your country house, to the shore (again, a disease of the wealthy).
While enjoying a country house party, they had also slept in the possibly haunted bedrooms to detect ghostly emanations.
When the boat had pushed off from the country house, the smile vanished from the banker”s face, and an expression of anger came out thereon.
The fox said he knew a country house where the cook was going that evening to make some pancakes, and thither they went.
In the farm house, or in the country house proper, occupied by whom it may be, such arrangement is unnecessary, expensive, and inconvenient.
The presence of such arrangement, in a country house, is fatal to everything like domestic enjoyment, and always followed by great expense and inconvenience.
Except for the new country house or one that has been completely remodeled or renovated, each succeeding fall brings minor repairs.

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(a device that produces) a powerful, narrow beam of light that can be used as a tool to cut metal, to perform medical operations, or to create patterns of light for entertainment

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