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Combo 6M / 8M / 10M Decal Vân Gỗ Có Keo Sẵn ( Quy Cách, Keo Sữa Dán Giấy, Dán Simili, Dán Thảm, Dán Gỗ

Custom Small Sticker Label Printing in Singapore (Mirrorkote, Simili, Waterproof cum Tearproof, Transparent)

Small Sized Singapore Sticker Printing

Sticker printing (cheapcustom stickers in mirrorkote, simili, transparent, waterproof cum tearproof, PVC etc) can be used for so many different purposes depending on how one wants to include them in their business.


Free Small Sticker Artwork (Any Purchase Amount)

Free Delivery if purchases above $60

So if you’re looking to print your own customised good quality stickers that is easy to use, economically friendly and durable, Kiasu Print has what you need!

Social distancing table or floor sticker or large format stickers (without installation)also available.

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Looking for Kiss Cut Customised Size / Shape Stickers?

Please email us atsales
congdonginan.comor Whatsapp uswith+65 81820938the size, quantity, and sticker materials as below.




Please feel free to email us usingsales
congdonginan.com, whatsapp uswith+65 81820938oruse our online website (24/7) to order.

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Our budget offset sticker printing in Singapore ranges come in different options like:

4C Economical Stickers (Standard Sized)

Considered one of the most affordable options in our sticker ranges, our 4C standard sized are easy to personalise and use for company logos, names and other essentials! If you want a custom size, you can also contact our staff to arrange the details.

Our 4C Standard is:

Available in multiple sizes for different needsCustomisable on Simili or Transparent stickerCustomisable on cheap & high quality Mirrorkote, with and without finishing (Matt or Glossy)

Rectangular/Square Stickers Printing (Small)

For companies in Singapore that use a lot of stickers for their projects, we Kiasus are able to print them with sizing that is currently popular in the market.

Depending on your needs, we also have simili material that you can easily write on with either a ballpoint pen or a pencil.

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Our rectangular/squareare:

Available in either Simili, Transparent or Mirrorkote materialAdditional finishes (Glossy or Matt) with Mirrorkote is also availableEasily personalisedat affordable ratesDiverse in size options

Round/Oval Stickers(Small)

Apart from the standard square or rectangular shapes, ourstickersalso come in either oval or round shapes. Much like the rectangular ones, certain options can also give you the ease needed to write on them.

Our Oval/Round are:

Available in popular sizing preferencesWritable in Simili materialAlso available in either Transparent or Mirrorkote (with or without added finishes)

How to Order:

You can visit our official Kiasu Print website for a direct order form or contact our sales team for help! Make sure to have your artwork template ready in either Ai or PDF and either email it to us or upload it via the order form on our website. Our team will then begin to process after the art is confirmed and you have made your payments! It’s just as straightforward and simple as that!

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