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Catalog: Html – How To Make A Product Catalog With Html

Create stunning digital catalogs and brochures with, simply put, Expand your E-Commerce. Impressed visitors buy more.

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Enable your digital catalog to be a distinctive digital marketplace!

PUB HTML5″s Multiple custom setting tools allows you to well design your When customers view the pages of your catalog, they can directly pick the items they like and realize a deal in it with no need to open the home page of your business. All this makes your digital catalog not only a gorgeous sliding book, but a distinctive marketplace with this digital catalog softwareHere are additional benefits of digital catalog publishing: 1. Access to extensive product information; 2.High resolution display of your products; 3.Ability to link multiple channels – mobile, social, print, email, web and retail; 4.Portable – your brand goes wherever the iPad goes Multimedia; 5. incorporate video, audio Content changes can be updated immediately, keeping your information current; 6.Can serve as an extension of your printed catalog

1. Rich media embeding tools

PUB HTML5 has lots of solutions to improve your customer engagements in your digital market place. Numerous rich media items including images, audios, YOUTUBE videos, hyperlinks, logo brand, and even statistic tools are available for you to perfect your digital shopping catalog. With use of all these custom tools, you may use your imagination to customize your own beautiful market place. To try to promote your business and increase your potential customers, your may click the UPLOAD ONLINE button to online publish your digital catalog and share it with others through main stream social networks. PUB HTML5 Create page turning eCatalogs from your PDFs and empower your readers’ experience with video, animations, audio, information popups and auto catalog link creation. PUB HTML5 outputs publications in HTML5 to ensure content can be viewed on the latest tablet and mobile devices and also the old desktop browsers.

2. Fiendly to almost all the electronic devices

The main stream electronic devices such as IPAD, IPHONE, MAC, KINDLE FIRE, and ANDROID. This very quality with no doubt enables your digital catalog reaching much more different kinds of customers. Whatever the electronic devices, wherever they are, simply by sliding pages, your customers can easily enjoy an inspiring shopping tour now. Your digital shopping catalog can be completely new inspiring business mode! Embrace PUB HTML5’s Content Hub and solve your mobile content strategy. As your audience continue towards mobile, it is imperative that your publication evolves to responsive layouts and achieve penetration by allowing your content to auto-adapt to suit the resolution of your readers device.

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– It is all-in-one digital publishing solution for all businesses, small businesses, non-profitorganizations, and even individuals.- Nice software, just import, make some changes and upload, it”s easy.- I love the software and searched it in google last time.

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