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Hướng Dẫn Cách Làm Card Visit Trên Word 2010, Cách Thiết Kế Danh Thiếp Trong Microsoft Word

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What You”ll Be Creating

Thinking of doing without congdonginan.com cards? Think again.

Đang xem: Làm card visit trên word 2010

Even in today’s high tech world, congdonginan.com cards are a greatway to stay connected. You may betempted to do without congdonginan.com cards. After all, social media tools are how most people stay connected thesedays, right? congdonginan.com cards seem outmoded. Plus, you don’t want to go to theexpense of hiring a designer or going to a print shop to create a congdonginan.com cardfor your small congdonginan.com.

But, it’s often quicker to exchange congdonginan.com cards than totype contact information into your mobile phone. Having a congdonginan.com card handyto pass out when needed makes good congdonginan.com sense.

Consider this. You are at a trade show and you just made agreat contact. You want to speak with them further, but suddenly they look attheir watch and mention that they have an appointment. “Can I have your card?”the contact asks.

Fortunately, you decided to use congdonginan.com cards. You reachinto your pocket and hand them your congdonginan.com card. And they hand you theirs. They’re gone for now, but you’ll call them next week if you don’t hear fromthem sooner. This is how congdonginan.com card etiquette works.

While you need congdonginan.com cards, you don’t necessarily need a designer or a print shop to createprofessional congdonginan.com cards. Instead, you can do it yourself. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create yourown inexpensive congdonginan.com cards using Microsoft Word.

How to Make congdonginan.com Cards in Word: Begin With Planning and Preparation

You can readily create an inexpensive, yet professional congdonginan.com cardusing MS Word. It does, however, take some upfront planning first to make sure your design is on target with your brand goals. You should also have the assets you need to work with in-hand before getting started. Here”s what to prepare before jumping into Word:

1. Choose Your Fonts and Colors

How your congdonginan.com card looks is important. Your congdonginan.comcard should make a professional impression. Choose the right fonts and colors that match your card design to your brand identity.

Generally speaking, select colors and fonts that areappropriate for your field. Fluorescent pink and orange might draw attention toyour congdonginan.com card, but for some industries those colors could seemunprofessional. Likewise, a playful font is probably an inappropriate choicefor a conservative congdonginan.com.

Also, your congdonginan.com card is part of your marketing strategy.It should match or complement your website, stationery, and other marketingmaterials. Your target market should be able to recognize that your marketingmaterials come from the same company.

You could also choose various sizes for your congdonginan.com cards,but if you’re new to creating congdonginan.com cards it’s best to go with the standardcongdonginan.com card size of 3.5 inches by 2 inches. Learn more about various congdonginan.com card sizes you could use:

If you’re not a professional designer, it’s a good idea touse a congdonginan.com card template to make sure that your congdonginan.com card has abalanced, professional look. Word has some templates available online that youcan use, which we cover deeper in this tutorial.

Now that you’ve determined how your congdonginan.com card is goingto look, you are ready to gather your congdonginan.com information to put on your congdonginan.com card.

2. Decide What Information to Include

congdonginan.com cards are small and there’s limited space toinclude information. Yet, you want your contacts to be able to reach you.

You may be tempted to cram as much information onto yourcongdonginan.com card as possible. Don’t do it. A cluttered card lookssloppy and unprofessional. Instead, focus on including these essential bits ofinformation:

Company nameCompany logoName and title (if there is one)Contact informationWebsiteSocial media links (only if you have a strongsocial presence)

For a more thorough discussion of what to include on yourcongdonginan.com card, read:

Make sure you have that information prepared and assets like your logo readily available. Now, you are ready to make your own congdonginan.com cards with MSWord.

3. Create Your congdonginan.com Card in Microsoft Word

There are basically two methods of using MS Word to create acongdonginan.com card:

By using a Word templateBy using a table in Word

I’ll go over both methods in detail in the next sections. 

Note: This tutorial is basedon the version of Word found in Microsoft Office 365. The process for earlierversions of Word might be slightly different.

How to Use a Wordcongdonginan.com Card Template

Use the following steps to make your own congdonginan.com card design using a template inWord:

Step 1 – Search for a congdonginan.com Card Template

Open a new document in Word. Now select the New option on the left of the screen to display common templates. 

To choose one of the online templates, type the words “congdonginan.com Card” into the Search bar and press the Enter key.


Find congdonginan.com card templates in Word.

Step 2 – Browse Through Available Templates

Usethe scroll bar on the center right of the screen to browse through the variouscongdonginan.com card templates available online.


Scroll through congdonginan.com card templates.

Step 3 – Create Your Card From a Template

When you see a congdonginan.com card template you like, click on itto enlarge your view of the template. Click the Create icon to download the template into your document.


Enlarge a template you like to preview it.

Forthis example, I’ve downloaded a template from Microsoft titled “Flower personalcongdonginan.com cards.” Even though the pink color and flower image don’t fit with thecongdonginan.com, I know that I can easily change them to match the professional brandof my sample company.

If your copy of Word is registered, your name should already appear on the template.


Example of a congdonginan.com name added to a chosen template.

Step 4 – Insert Your Logo

Next, let’s change the image to reflect our congdonginan.com logo.Click the flower image in the template to select it. From the menu at the top of the screen selectthe Insert option and then click onthe Pictures icon. Find the folderwhere you store your corporate logo and select it.


Find your logo image.

Note: We used the Coloright logo template, from Elite Author Opaq, for this logo design. Discover more inspiring logo templates from Envato Market.

Click the logo you want to add to the congdonginan.com card toreplace the original image. Click Insert.Since the template contains multiple cards, continue the process until all theoriginal images are replaced.


Insert your logo image across all instances.

Note: AnytownConsulting and Juan Perez are fictitious entities created for the purpose ofthis tutorial. They are not intended to represent any real persons ororganizations.

Step 5 – Customize the Text

The next step is to change the color of the name text. To dothis highlight the entire name and select the font color icon from the toolbarmenu to display the font color palette.


Customize your font color in Word.

For this example, I’m going to select a dark blue to go withthe blue in the logo. Click on a color in the color palette to replace the colorof the selected font.


Results of font color changes.

Before we go any further, replace the template informationwith your congdonginan.com information. To do this, highlight the template text to bechanged and type your information over it. You only need to do this on one cardand the information will be replaced on all the cards in the template.

Let’s pretend that our example company doesn’t have much ofa social media presence. For that reason, I delete the Twitter information from the template. Ifyou have an active professional social media presence, type your social mediainformation here instead.

Step 6 – Change Your Font

Our card looks pretty good now, but let’s make one finalchange. The font used in our logo is a sans serif and the template font hasserifs. Let’s change the font on the congdonginan.com card to a san serif font for abetter match.

Tochange the font type, highlight the text you want to change. Go to the fontselection option in the toolbar and click the arrow to display the availablefonts.


Choose a better font.

Whenyou find the font you want to use, click on it to replace the font in theselected text.

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Use click and replace to apply your font choice.

You’re now ready to print your congdonginan.com cards, but firstlet’s look at how you can use a table to create your own congdonginan.com cards.

How to Use a WordTable to Create a congdonginan.com Card

You can also use a table to create your own congdonginan.com cardsin Word. Here’s how:

Step 1 – Setup Your Document

Open a new document in Word. Once you are in ablank document, click the Layoutmenu option. Click the Marginsoption in the toolbar. Use the CustomMargins option on the menu to change the top and bottom margin to .25”.


Setup your layout and margins.

Step 2 – Insert a Table

Click the Insertoption on the menu and click on the Tableicon. When you click on the Table icon, a grid appears to allow youto define the number of rows and columns in your document. Highlight five rowsand two columns.


Define your table rows and columns.

Click the InsertTable option on the drop-down menu to add the table to your document.Select the entire table by highlighting all the cells. Right-click on the table to bring up a newdrop-down menu.


Insert a table into Microsoft Word.

Step 3 – Adjust Your Table Properties

Click the TableProperties option on the submenu. The TableProperties dialog box displays.


Work with MS Word table properties.

Click on the Centericon. While the entire table is highlighted, also click on the Center Text icon in the drop-down menuthat appears when you right-click on the table. This centers any text orgraphics you add to the cell.

Next, click the Celltab at the top of the Table Properties dialog box. Now it is time to define the size of ourcongdonginan.com cards. Place a check in the box next to the Preferred width option. Type 3.5” in the field next to Preferred width and click OK at the bottom of the dialog box.

Click the Row tabat the top of the Table Propertiesdialog box. Place a check in the box next to the Specify height option. Type 2” in the field next to Specify height and click OK at the bottom of the dialog box.

Your document should now look like this:


Table setup results.

There are a total of ten congdonginan.com card size cells in yourtable.

Step 4 – Insert Your Logo 

You are ready to start adding information to your congdonginan.comcards. Start with the cursor in the top cell. Click the Insert Option on the menu at the top of the screen, then click on the Pictures icon.

Find the folder where you stored your corporatelogo and select it.


Find your logo image.

Note: We used the Coloright logo template, from Elite Author Opaq, for this logo design. Find more great logo design templates from Envato Market.

Clickthe logo you want to add to the congdonginan.com card and click Insert. Continue the process until all the congdonginan.com cards have alogo image.


Insert your logo image.

Step 5 – Customize Your Text

Now it’s time to add text to your congdonginan.com cards. First,find and select the font you want to use. To change the font type, highlightthe text you want to change. Go to the font selection option in the toolbar andclick the arrow to display the available fonts.

You can also change the color of a font. Click on the color in the color palette toreplace the color of the selected font. To do this highlight the text you wantto change and select the font color icon from the toolbar menu to display thefont color palette.

Next, click beneath a logo image and type in yourinformation. Your finished congdonginan.com cards will look like this:


Customize your text color and font details. 

Your congdonginan.com cards are ready to print. You could also turnthe table borders off, but I prefer to use them as a guideline for cutting thecongdonginan.com cards apart.

How to Print Your congdonginan.com Cards at Home

You’ve now learned how to create congdonginan.com cards using twoseparate methods. But before you can use your congdonginan.com cards, you’ll need toprint them. You’ll need the following:

High quality card stockA printer that can print card stockA paper cutter

You can find card stock in your local office supply store.Some card stock is especially designed for congdonginan.com card use and comes with extrasoftware templates you can use to design your congdonginan.com card. The card stock mayeven be perforated to make it easy to pull the cards apart after printing.

A laser printer provides the best quality print for yourcongdonginan.com cards. Make sure that it has the capability to print card stock. Ifyour card design has color, you need a color laser printer.

To print your congdonginan.com cards, load your cardstock into the printer. Open your congdonginan.com card document. Click the File option from the menu at the top ofthe screen. Click Print from themenu on the left of the screen.


Prep your document to print.

Check to make sure that your printer model displays underthe Printer option. If necessary,change the printer settings. If desired, increase the number of copies to beprinted. (Remember that each card stock sheet prints ten congdonginan.com cards.)

When you are ready, click the Print icon on the upper left of the screen. Your congdonginan.com cardsprint and are ready to be cut apart.

When cutting your congdonginan.com cards apart, be careful. It’simportant to cut straight lines. You may need to use a professionalcutting tool like a paper cutter.

How to Make Your congdonginan.com Cards With InDesign or Photoshop

As your congdonginan.com gets larger, your congdonginan.com card needsbecome more sophisticated.

When your small congdonginan.com is ready to move beyond the simplecongdonginan.com cards you can create with Word, consider using InDesign or Photoshopto make your own congdonginan.com cards. With these professional design tools, you cancreate a more unique or sophisticated congdonginan.com card design.

To learn more advanced techniques for creating congdonginan.comcards, review the following tutorials:

If you do know how to use InDesign or Photoshop, or havesomeone on your staff who can work with this software, consider using a professional congdonginan.comcard template from Envato Market. Or, browse through these curated collections of inspiring, professional templates:

If you don”t know how to use InDesign or Photoshop, Envato Studio has professional designers who specialize in congdonginan.com card design. They can design a custom congdonginan.com card for you, quickly, and at an affordable price.


congdonginan.com cards are not outdated to use. Rather, they are still aninvaluable marketing tool. congdonginan.com cards don’t have to be expensive either. Inthis tutorial, you’ve learned how to make inexpensive, simple congdonginan.com cards in Microsoft Word.

A professional congdonginan.com card is a marketing tool thatrepresents your company. Make sure that your congdonginan.com card colors and fontscoordinate with your other marketing materials. Don”t forget to include a way to contact you on your congdonginan.com cards.

When your small congdonginan.com is ready to move up to a more sophisticated congdonginan.com card design, InDesign or Photoshop can help you achieve moreimpressive results. You’ll find plenty of professional congdonginan.com card templatesat Envato Market.

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Don”t overlook the importance of congdonginan.com cards for your small congdonginan.com marketing.

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